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Independent research, lice removal experts and over ½ million mothers and their kids have verified that LiceLogic is 25% to 50% more effective managing lice & nit infestation than other products.

I am the owner of "All About Lice"  a lice treatment company in central Maine. We have been in business for 5 years now. LiceLogic Clear and Free Shampoo is the staple of our business!  I have used only this product for treating the thousands of clients we have successfully treated to date. I would not use any other product.  We have used it for babies, toddlers, elderly, and everyone in between.  Safe, non-toxic, pesticide free, and EFFECTIVE!
- Mary Collar RN Owner “All About Lice” 

Lice treatment is a $1 billion a year industry in the United States. There are as many as 12,000,000 reported cases of lice infestation a year for children of ages of 3 to 11 years old, not including transmission to older siblings or parents.

If you are already treating lice in your salon you will find LiceLogic products are more effective at eliminating and repelling lice and better tolerated by children.  

LiceLogic’s non-toxic lice treatment and lice repel products will allow you to reach a huge market of parents looking for pesticide-free and safe alternatives to eliminate lice infestation and prevent lice year-round.

Logic Products' wholesale distribution systems caters to retailers of all sizes domestically and internationally.

There are three easy and profitable ways you can work with LiceLogic: 

Our LiceLogic Treatment Products

Our best-selling enzyme based LiceLogic head lice treatment products are pesticide-free and destroy and treat lice infestations safely and naturally on contact. Lice treatment is made safe, effective, and easy with our highly rated non-toxic, eco-friendly line of proprietary LiceLogic treatment products that are safe for daily use.

"I use it exclusively in my lice salon and it’s clearly the best in the industry.  Parents and kids love the smell and it makes the tough work of removing lice so much easier”.
- Another satisfied LiceLogic Salon

LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo - Gallon / Salon Size Available
Not For Retail. Salon Use Only
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LiceLogic Clear & Free Enzyme Solution – Gallon / Salon Size Available
Not For Retail. Salon Use Only
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Our LiceLogic Prevention Products

LiceLogic lice prevention products help prevent and repel lice year-round and can be used daily in place of your everyday shampoo and conditioner. All LiceLogic lice prevention products are pesticide-free, safe for daily use and come in refreshing Lavender and Rosemary-Mint aroma-therapeutic scents.

Customers Love Repel Products

“For the last few years, I have made this my daughter's 'everyday' shampoo. She has super sensitive skin and has never once had any sort of reaction or issue with it! This brand is the only thing that helps my lice anxiety during the school year - and if you've ever had to deal with an outbreak, you know what I mean!”
- Suzie B, Dayton Ohio

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