Logical Life

What is Logical Living?

Logical Life is more than a name, it's a mission statement. In this first issue, we focus on the positive missions and purposes so many people are choosing to embrace in 2014. These days, more and more companies are waking up and coming to the conclusion that it is not enough to just be profitable and make money.

"Doing well by doing good" is the order of the day and this is something we are thrilled about. There have always been companies out there that have functioned this way, sometimes silently, but they were few and far between. It seems a new day is upon us and it has come not a moment too soon. Business is waking up with a conscience and people are becoming more aware of options that they may not have known previously existed!

Our purpose in publishing Logical Life is to spread the word about great companies and the people working within them to make a positive impact on society and a difference in even one person's life. We love companies that strive to be disruptive and change the way business is done by endeavoring to make a positive impact on society: those that care about others and the earth, those that strive to help keep this planet clean and safe for our future generations and those that think about the products they are selling and the ingredients in those products.

There are so many great people and businesses out there doing amazing things and it is our goal to locate and highlight them by sharing their stories, wisdom and vision with you. Please help us spread the word about green and charitable companies that are truly making a difference one person and one day at a time! We invite feedback, contributions and suggestions of all kinds. If you think something or someone belongs in the pages of Logical Life, feel free to send me an email. Happy reading, Jill

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