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Have a Heart!

February is heart health month! Do you know what that means? It‚Äôs much more than an observance; it means making a change. So what can you and your household do to create a healthier and more ‚Äúheart-felt‚Äù lifestyle? Following these simple tips will help you get into the habit of taking care of your heart during your every-day life, which will help lead to a better future for you and your family -- even your pets-- in the years to come. animal-1301835_1280 Just a Walk in the Park Did you know that just 10-20 minutes of walking per day can increase your energy, improve your cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and prevent weight gain? This activity can be done by walking around your block, taking Fido to the dog park, or even taking the children to the playground to get a daily dose of cardio. Getting Fishy Taking daily supplements are a great way to replenish and condition your body if you don‚Äôt get enough vitamins from your food. Whether you‚Äôre always on-the-go and miss a meal or you simply forget to add it into your meals, Omega fish oils are a must-have for heart health. Of course, you want to rely on a brand that is reputable and does not contain unnatural substances such as mercury or fillers. Shellfish (such as shrimp or sardines) carry the least amount of mercury and are said to carry the most efficient doses of Omegas. Even your pet can benefit from Omega supplements in liquid or chewable form. YogAhhhh Yoga is known for promoting relaxation, decreasing stress through various fluent movements, and deep breathing, and is a popular form of exercise for aiding in weight loss. And all you need is some comfy clothing and floor mat! With poses such as ‚ÄúSun Salutations‚Äù or the ‚ÄúDownward Dog,‚Äù this ancient tradition is widely used throughout world. Yoga doesn‚Äôt have to be practiced at a gym or studio; you can perform simple movements in the comfort of your own home. Grab a DVD or book from your local library and invite a few friends over to join in. Yoga is for kids, too! You can find plenty of practices that focus on the gentle movements of the body for kids of all ages. Clean Eating is the Way To Your Heart Clean eating is a sure-fire way to have a happy, healthy heart. When you get the adequate amounts of proteins, fibers, and vitamins without synthetic additives, you are strengthening your heart muscle, as well as introducing your body (and family!) to a healthy lifestyle. Sure, your go-to treat might be that sundae or movie popcorn, but as long as you ration out your portions, you will not reap the negative effects that those toxic substances can have on your body. Just Breathe Lastly, stress puts the highest amount of strain on the heart. Unmanageable stress on the heart can lead to heart disease, the leading cause of death in America. Stress is a silent killer. From work demands to financial strain, you can combat this ailment by practicing the steps above. A healthy lifestyle that includes a mixture of exercise and daily supplements will decrease your stress levels as you practice these habits.     Visit us here for more info how you can obtain healthy products your home, pets, and family.

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