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Flowers for Dreams

Flowers for Dreams is a socially conscious floral delivery service. We work to provide flowers that are sourced organically, grown sustainably and then delivered locally in Chicago. For every bouquet, arrangement or centerpiece sold, we donate a backpack complete with school supplies to a local student in need. We like to say we’re progressing the floral industry by innovating across three major areas: technology, social consciousness and our market. We’ve bridged the gap between the discount online floral retailer and your friendly mom-and-pop florist. We avoid the traditional costs of a local florist. There's no expensive urban rent, window dressing needs, staffing costs or brokerage fees to wire services. Being local, we can offer custom designs, the freshest flowers and hand delivery. Most importantly, it allows us to make this unique commitment to community by helping local low-income students. ![The Flowers for Dreams team with bakpacks ](rsz_199749_10151063543995852_412064924_n.jpg "The F4D team surrounded by backpacks for donation") People no longer need to make the choice between purchasing a product they like and doing good. For Chicago residents, Flowers for Dreams makes the perfect gift. You buy designer floral and we donate in a very direct way in your own community. You’ll even be invited to see the results of your support. It’s our belief that by equipping students with the right school supplies, we’re giving each student a chance. A chance to organize, easily transport assignments and, more than anything, take pride in and ownership of their learning experience. Our team embodies our identity. We’re local students helping other local students and young people advancing the opportunities of other young people. Our customer represents our mission. We specialize in university events, catering floral for commencements, student concerts, and alumni banquets at DePaul, National Louis, Robert Morris, and more. These are all institutions that are committed to our mission of improving access to education in their communities. In just our first six months of business, we donated nearly 2,300 backpacks across two cities. We’re now looking to expand our reach. This year, we’re poised to donate more than 5,000 backpacks in Chicago alone, while also laying the foundation to establish the Flowers for Dreams concept in urban areas across the country. #Build-A-Backpack Day ![Volunteers packing backpacks](555610_380412655357443_708256843_n.jpeg "Volunteers packing backpacks") Build-A-Backpack day is where we put our work into action. Each year, we host a Build-A-Backpack day with Supplies for Dreams, our non-profit partner. It typically takes place a week before the start of the school year. We invite the students, faculty and staff of the partner school to this fun event. We provide food, a DJ, face painting and more. Not only are our partner schools invited, but we invite all of our customers from the year who have purchased flowers to come help and stuff the backpack that we were able to donate on behalf of their purchase. It's a tangible way for our customers to see the change they made by buying flowers! ![Students and their parents](375938_10151063555480852_547991705_n.jpeg "Chicago Public School students with their parents")

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