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Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower NYC

IMG_5948 I feel so inspired to write about the “Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event, which we participated in two weeks ago. The event was hosted by Big City Moms and this is how the event was described on their website, “The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is like no other baby shower you've ever seen. With over 100 of the best companies in the baby industry, it's a one stop shop to test out, touch, feel and get educated on everything you can possibly need for your growing family. Enjoy mingling with other expectant and new parents while you enjoy sweet treats, mocktails and more in an elegant setting.” First off, let me say that all the moms looked glowingly fantastic. I do not recall looking and feeling as fabulous while I was pregnant with my two children. The event didn’t finish until late in the evening but these moms were going strong, even till the very end. When the event was over, many of them looked as if they still weren’t ready to leave! Yet I was exhausted and I’m not even pregnant. The energy, drive, commitment, kindness, and curiosity of these moms had no limits. IMG_5963 So, I was reminded of just how amazing moms can be. Many of them at the event were just days away from giving birth, many with full time jobs – whether outside of the home or inside taking care of their existing brood and households – yet here they were in all their glory! These women were energetic, upbeat, curious, knowledgeable, and wanted to learn about new and safe products, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their families and soon to be born babies. IMG_5949 It was also nice to see different family structures, such as two moms and single moms, along with so many supporting husbands. I found it amusing to see these men shuffling along, behind their significant other while carrying their loot bags, and looking a little dazed and awkward from being surrounded by so many pregnant women at one time! It was quite a spectacle and I do not know too many men, including my own husband, who would fully want to attend.  It was a wonder nobody gave birth there right on the spot! IMG_5937 My son Max was my little helper, refilling our sample trays and brochures of TotLogic, Natural HomeLogic, BarkLogic, and LiceLogic. He was so cute and it feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant with him! He was so proud to be there, on a school night no less. As well, a big thank you to Therese Miu, Angelina Handayani, and Alex Guida. We were swamped and I could not have done it without you! IMG_5970 So here is to all the moms! It was so great to meet all of you who stopped by to chat. I know you are going to be great moms and your children are and will be so lucky to have you as their mom!  I wish you and your families all of the best and I hope our paths cross again. IMG_5973

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