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Another Fresh Air Summer is Almost Here!

It has been a long winter here in New York City, and it felt like it would never end, so the last few days of sudden 80 degree weather here has reminded me that summer is literally just around the corner. For my family and I, it is our favorite season by far. Raising two children in NYC, in the Financial District near Wall Street no less, is an interesting experience, and not always one I feel completely at peace with. My three major complaints are pretty common among NYC parents: the air quality, lack of nature and green spaces to run around. That said, there are benefits to living in one of the most culturally thriving and diverse cities in the world, which I tell my children over and over again like a broken record. Sometimes my kids love NYC and sometimes they don’t, and that is just the way it is … for now anyway. It is for this reason that the thought of country living for the whole nine weeks of summer is so thrilling and special for our family. Since my children were born, we have always promised and delivered on a New York City-less Summer. Not to digress, but that is one of the great perks of owning my own business and being self-employed. In fact, my husband happens to be self-employed as well so we are not tethered to jobs in an office where we have to appear during the summer weekdays. Please though, do not get the wrong idea; being self-employed is not as glamorous as it sounds as we are always working, no matter where we are – often seven days a week – and even more often into the nights, but that is another story for the future. Now, let’s get back to summer and all of the promise of fun times ahead filled with fresh air and travel! Since the summertime is one of the busiest times for Logic Products our workdays are long, but we are definitely able to squeeze in lots of fun on the side when our kids return from day camp. I love that we can work from anywhere as long as there is high-speed Internet access––which is both a blessing and a curse depending on the day! Last summer took us to Baja Mexico, the mountains of Vermont, the shores of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, the city of Boston, and the serenity of the Delaware Water Gap. We have the same general itinerary this summer and will be traveling with the same crew: my daughter Sophia, son Max, my husband Joel and our great family friend, Angie. summer4 This will be the seventh summer we will be hosting Angie http://blog.logicproductgroup.com/the-fresh-air-fund/ who resides in the infamous and tough neighborhood of The Bronx in New York City. Angie initially entered our family as a complete stranger through the Fresh Air Fund when she was a little girl, still in elementary school, seven summers ago. summer2The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that helps inner city children from lower income families get away from their environment to the fresh air and experience some sun and fun and try new things. I will never forget how excited, yet nervous, I was that day when I waited for the Fresh Air Fund bus to pull into a parking lot in Southampton, Long Island. Little did I know that was just the beginning of many more summers with Angie. summer3Each summer, as Angie grew older, she was able to spend more and more time with us. Over the last few vacations, she has officially become a family member for the entire summer as we take her with us wherever we go. Angie has grown into an amazing young lady and it is our honor and pleasure to host her again this year. My children adore her and, if truth must be told, Angie is always the best behaved and most grateful of the bunch! She has big dreams for her future, and knows that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, and she is well on her way! So here is to another great summer to look forward to for all of us! I wish you and your family a safe and healthy summer filled with good old-fashioned quality family time! Please consider hosting a child from the Fresh Air Fund if they have a chapter in your area: http://www.freshair.org/. It is truly a very rewarding experience.

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