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10 Tips for Preventing Lice During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, families across the country are decking the halls, trimming the trees and getting ready for a festive season with family and friends. But the holidays can also lead to unwanted guests (and not just cranky Aunt Harriet!) Lice can visit your family for the holidays too, when you’re least expecting it. Unfortunately, lice continue to thrive through the winter and large gatherings with friends and family, which often include many kids, create an increased risk of lice.  But luckily we’ve put together our 10 tips for preventing lice during the holidays to keep things jolly through the New Year. 1. Check your kids for lice under a bright light. Check all members of the family for signs of lice before departing on your trip by examining the hair closest to the scalp. If lice are present, be sure to treat prior to any family gatherings. Avoid OTC lice treatment product as lice are becoming increasingly more resistant to these types of products. Instead we recommend LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo, a natural lice shampoo that is safe for daily use, along with the LiceLogic Terminator Nit Comb. 2. Ask others to check for lice. Let those you plan to visit know that you are checking your children for lice and suggest that they do the same. 3. Use effective lice repel products daily. LiceLogic Repel Conditioning Shampoo and LiceLogic Repel Conditioner can help with this! Lice hate these products and will scurry elsewhere in search of a less hostile environment. 4. Avoid sharing items that are used near the head. Do not allow your kids to share pillows, bedding or towels with other kids. Also avoid sharing bike helmets, hats and earphones. 5. Teach your kids what not to share. Make sure your kids know not to use hairbrushes, combs and accessories that are not their own. 6. Keep hair up. If you have girls with long hair, try keeping their hair in a bun or a braid. 7. Do not wash your children’s hair daily. Contrary to popular belief, lice do not like dirty hair. They prefer clean hair instead. 8. Don’t pile up the coats. Don’t let your kids throw their coats, scarves, and winter gear in a big pile with other’s coats. 9. Keep LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo on-hand. A natural enzyme-based lice treatment shampoo will eliminate a potential lice infestation before it has a chance to multiply. LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo can also be used on the entire family as a preventative. Make sure the products you use are natural and pesticide free to avoid exposing your kids to dangerous chemicals. 10. Inspect the entire family. It is important to check your family for lice for 7-10 days following the family gathering. If there are no signs of lice, your family is in the clear! Maintaining weekly lice checks in your household will help your family avoid encountering a full-blown infestation. Click here for more information about lice.

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